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The Virex II has only to be connected to a conventional electrical outlet (220 Volts) and turn on the power switch. The fast and reliable virus inactivation is based on an automated short-time pasteurization process. For this, a thin film of milk (volumes of 15-95 ml can be treated) is produced in a round glass container, to optimize the exchange of temperature in a short time. To reach this thin film, the round container gets into rotation. With an integrated temperature sensor the milk is heated to the desired setpoints and maintained at a maximum temperature of 62° C for 5 seconds. The heating is done by hot air. To get the milk cold again, rapid cooling is caused by inflow of cooling water at 10° C. To choose one of the standard processes you can use the operating keys. After this the entire process of inactivation is done automatically. All the phases of inactivating are monitored and controlled by a program processor. The program sequences and error messages are displayed on a color display. With the integrated line printer you will receive a documentation of each phase of the inactivation. From time to time water should be filled into the integrated water tank (about 1,7 liter). Filling or emptying is done easily with distilled water. No further connections are required. The Virex II includes a manual with all information about the device and the inactivation of HCMV.      Whatch the video and see the VIREX at work!


For this new development of a full automatically short time pasteurization a protection by patent was already confirmed for Europe.

European Patent 00 935 139.6-2114
US-Patent 10/018,052        

Further information about HCMV-Inactivation in breast milk you will find in the studies of the Institute of Medical Virology of the University Hospital of Tübingen, and the Department of Neonatology of the University Hospital of Tübingen:

Hamprecht K, Maschmann J, Muller D, Dietz K, Besenthal I, Goelz R, Middeldorp JM, Speer CP, Jahn G.
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Pediatr Res. 2004;56:529-35.

Commentary: Forsgren M.
Cytomegalovirus in breast milk: reassessment of pasteurization and freeze-thawing.
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Review published in pubmed (Hamprecht et al., 2005, in
Early Human Development).

Technical details

Height                         48,2 cm
Width                          52 cm
Depth                          40 cm
Weight                        42 kg
Connection                 230 Volt/50 Hz
Output                        2000 Watt
Case                          aluminum coated

No preparation required to use.
Installation of the machine can be done on every kind of working board or table, which is good for that weight. Except of a socket, no further supply is required.

Scope of supply (Art.-No. 1010)
1          Virex II Inactivator Version IV
1          Power plug 
2          Glass container Virex II
1          Stack paper for the printer
1          Air filters (replacement) 
1          Manual
1          Transport box